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Summer Wells Update Today

The Search For Missing 6-Year-Old Summer Wells Continues

On her sixth birthday, Summer Wells’ parents released a heartbreaking video with an official statement. The video, which was filmed at the home of her mother and father, is also the first video she has been missing from home since her disappearance seven months ago. She was last seen alive on May 8, just before she disappeared. The wells’ father was sentenced to 11 months in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol. During his time in jail, he enrolled in classes to reclaim other children. He also worked full-time when he was arrested.

Lawson says social media speculation hindered the investigation

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, a division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, launched a small search on Monday. Although the authorities did not say how many students were evacuated and what kind of security measures would be in place on Wednesday, they did note that the social media speculation hampered the investigation. Lawson said social media speculation is like the speculation that preceded the search for missing 5-year-old Summer Wells.

She says her family has attorneys

The disappearance of teenage mother Summer Wells has triggered a huge legal battle between her husband. She says that her husband has a history of domestic violence, but refuses to disclose the details of the incident. The investigation into Summer’s disappearance has been complicated by a gag order imposed by a Tennessee judge. Meanwhile, her husband Donald Wells is undergoing a federal investigation. He has a criminal history, including alcohol-related charges and domestic violence. In fact, his wife Candus Wells has filed a report to police alleging domestic violence. However, the charges were dropped two months ago, two months before Summer vanished.

But the family of Summer Wells is not giving up hope. The couple’s friends and relatives have joined the search for their daughter. They are urging Bly and others involved in the search for their daughter to face the law. The parents of Summer Wells have consulted with human behavior and body language analysts to determine whether Bly acted in a malicious manner. The video also shows Bly driving a vehicle in the Beech Creek community in Hawkins County, near the Sullivan County line. They say they were driving around the area where Summer went missing. The Wells pulled into a grassy area near Ben Hill Road, the family’s home.

The family says that their attorney is aware of the negative comments on social media and are confident the comments are not true. The couple discussed these issues with their wife. She was particularly troubled by comments comparing the family to the Boswell family, which was murdered in Sullivan County in 2020. The family has also invited church members to visit the Wells family’s home, but the property has been secured by law enforcement.

She says her parents have a criminal record

The case is still open, and the case of Summer Wells’ disappearance is not over. The mother, Candus, filed for an order of protection against her husband after he admitted to raping Summer. She was 18 months old and Donald was 19 years old, but the Arkansas offense would have been statutory rape. Don Wells also had a history of domestic violence. Her wife, Candus, told investigators that her husband had assaulted her and pushed her.

While the case is still ongoing, it’s important to remember that her parents do have a criminal history. Don Wells was convicted of multiple felonies, including a violent felony, and he served prison time for burglaries and drug offenses in Utah and Arkansas. In addition, he was cited for numerous parole violations in the late 1990s. Summer’s mother, Candus Bly, has a criminal history in Wisconsin and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

While the crime-fighting efforts of the Wells family have failed so far, the family is not giving up. The family is planning a candlelight vigil for Summer on Oct. 14, at 7 p.m. at Crockett Springs Park in Rogersville. Though 82 agencies have combed the 4.6-square-mile-area surrounding her home, her disappearance remains a mystery.

The family’s legal history relates to a case filed by Candus Bly. Candus Bly filed an Order of Protection against Wells because of his drunken driving and the odor of alcohol. The couple plans to sell the family’s Hawkins County home and move to Park City. However, on Oct. 14, Wells’ mother Candus Bly was allegedly attacked while she was in her home. In the struggle, Wells also allegedly struck the man in the face. After he hit Bly, Wells fled the scene. He was arrested by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s office.

She has blonde hair

If you’re curious about Summer Wells’ identity, you’ve probably noticed her blonde hair. Despite the fact that she’s only three feet tall, she weighs forty pounds, and was last seen wearing gray pants and a pink shirt. She may have also been barefoot. The hair on her head is believed to be shorter than the ones in pictures. Her parents have criminal histories in other states, and her father addressed some of the rumors on social media. However, the couple has yet to respond to dozens of requests for comment from Fox News.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says it has received more than 800 tips on Summer Wells this week, but haven’t yet received any solid leads. Summer has blonde hair, blue eyes, and was last seen wearing pink shirt and gray pants. Her hair is shorter in these new photos, and her body is not significantly larger than it was in the old ones. The case has become a hot topic in the local community, and the family has released a video commemorating her birthday to raise awareness of her disappearance.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has confirmed it is participating in the search for Summer, but has stated it cannot disclose any information due to state confidentiality laws. The reward for finding Summer has been increased to $58,000 and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has warned citizens to stay away from social media and post no information. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is also investigating the disappearance because of bad cell service. This is the second time the department has issued a call for tips.

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