Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Small Straws in the Soft Wind

The sound of small straws in the soft wind evokes pleasant memories of childhood. The phrase has deep meaning for children, who often hear it as a comforting song. This song has a special place in Christian worship and is often used in devotional services. It can also be a beautiful metaphor for the presence of the Lord, who resides in the hearts of his people. His gentle voice is also a comforting reminder that he is with us.

Small straws of His gentle voice

A small straw is a helpful vocal aid. This instrument helps narrow the vocal tract, a natural process that improves voice quality. It also aids in vocal efficiency, and physics explains how it works. This method is called SOVT, or Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract exercise. Because the straw creates a narrowing at the lips, it aids in vocal efficiency. While you might not think the straw is necessary for singing, it can help you regain your timbre.

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