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Shirts and Tops for Different Body Types and Occasions

Shirts and Tops for Different Body Types and Occasions

Shirts and tops are clothing items that cover most of the upper human body between the waist and neck. Their length can range from a few inches to over a half-foot. They are usually worn with pants or skirts. There are a few different styles of tops for different body types and occasions.


Shirts and tops are clothes that cover most of the human body, especially the upper portion between the neck and waistline. The bottoms of these clothing items can be as short as mid-torso or as long as mid-thigh. They are most often worn with trousers or pants.


Blouses are versatile wardrobe items that can be worn in all kinds of situations. The fabric used to create blouses is usually light and drapey, and they often come with frills, embroidery, and loops. One of the most common styles is the classic white shirt blouse, which mimics the classic elegance of a men’s shirt. Other common styles include the peter pan collar and the open spade collar.


T-shirts are top garments made from cotton textiles in a stockinette or jersey knit. These textiles have a distinctively pliable texture, and they often lack side seams. T-shirts are typically produced on a circular knitting machine or with laser or water jet technology. Humans have worn T-shaped top garments since ancient times. Similar to T-shirts are tunics.

Form-fitting style

Form-fitting shirts and tops are typically tapered or closer to the body and are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sleeve lengths. They also allow you to layer your clothes without having to worry about excess fabric.


Collars on shirts and tops are a common feature of garments. Different styles and materials are used to make them. Depending on the purpose, you can choose between a classic collar and a more contemporary one. Below are a few of the styles you may find on various pieces of clothing.


There are several ways to make your shirt look great. One option is to wear a color that you have fun with. For example, you may like warm tones like green, orange, and purple. These colors compliment each other well, and look great with similar-colored apparel. If you prefer darker tones, you can pair a warm shirt with black or dark bottoms.


When selling shirts and tops, don’t be afraid to price them appropriately. Whether you are selling a high-quality t-shirt or a budget-friendly one, make sure your price communicates the quality. If you price your product too low, your customers will assume it is of poor quality. Instead, let the product speak for itself and command a price that matches its quality.

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