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Picking up a School Beauty to be Wife,pickup pay attention to their appearance

One: Self-improvement: Appearance

Picking up a School Beauty to be Wife.I believe that people who go for a pickup pay attention to their appearance, dress themselves up clean and tidy, and even spray perfume to cover their body odor. But not everyone dresses up and matches their outfits. Fashion matching of clothes requires some knowledge. You need to learn something.

Two: Self-improvement: Eloquence

I believe you have some people around you who are very eloquent. They are very popular with women. Always easy to pick up girls. Reason: Many times, what attracts women is not what you say …… but how you How say these words. how to picking up a school beauty to be wife. You need to understand the art of language and how to talk to women.

Your speech rate, your pitch, your tone quality, all need to change. Do you think a person who speaks rudely, quickly, and incoherently will be successful in conversation?

Three: Self-improvement: Expression

What is your expression when you strike up a conversation, is it nervous, sad, or a confident smile? Smiling is the key to establishing the first impression. In fact. I think this is one of the key steps to achieving attraction with women. By smiling at a woman smile, you will make her like you.

Four: Self-improvement: Body language

Show confidence and strong body language. Attraction to women is sometimes not in your words, but in what your body language conveys. Someone once said that 90% of communication is done through body language. Even using the best words won’t help if you don’t show body language correctly!

Understanding body language can help you a lot on how to pick up a school beauty to be wife, for example, if someone is laughing with you then she probably likes you.

Five: Self-improvement: What to talk about

What to talk about? If you don’t know how to strike up a conversation, if you’re like other men, there are times in the conversation when you run out of things to say. The annoying thing is that you might be in the middle of a conversation with a great woman, but suddenly your mind goes blank. You have something to say. Once that happens, you’ve said goodbye to any chance of attracting her. The good news is that there are ways to completely capture her attention during a conversation. If you don’t know what she likes. The only thing you have to do is use the power of storytelling. It’s human nature to like stories. Or talk to her about pets. There are very few women who don’t like pets. Certainly not about snakes, lizards, or whatever.

How to picking up a school beauty to be wife. You should know what to talk about and what topics to engage her in. Use the art of language, and strong body language, to make a good impression on her.

Six: Self-improvement: Attractiveness

You want to hit on the excellent woman who has a beautiful face, a perfect body, and an education that exceeds the crowd. She has many suitors. You are just one of them. You want to surpass others and need to be better and more attractive. If you feel inferior to others, please see the category on attractiveness on the website. Attractiveness can be improved.

how to picking up a school beauty to be wife. Boost your attractiveness. because maybe you’re competing with dozens of people for the same woman.

Seven: Self-improvement: Wingman

You must understand each other’s strengths and strengths. This way, once in front of women, you should brag to each other about each other’s advantages of each other. This is important because if the man brags about himself, the woman will lose interest, but if his friends positively talk about him, women will be If his friends talk about him positively, women will be attracted to him.

How to picking up a school beauty to be wife. Do you have a wingman? If not, find one quickly and you need to practice how to complement each other.

Eight: Self-improvement: Start your body contact

When you are familiar, you can proceed to the next step: physical contact. How do you have to do it without being abrupt. You need some valuable experience.Done right, your relationship will warm up fast. Do it badly and she will hate you. Leave you.

Nine: Self-improvement: Quickly enhance intimacy

You’re competing with a lot of people for the same great woman. They are already ahead of you. What to do. You must quickly increase the feeling of intimacy with her. Is there a way to do that? Of course, there is. Creating intimacy is all about making her feel as if she has known you for a long time. And have a special connection with you.

Ten: Self-improvement: Create beautiful memories

Good memories together will add to your relationship. how to picking up a school beauty to be wife. Making good memories is a good way to go.

Eleven: Self-improvement: Finding woman

If you want to make an effort to find a particular type of girl, you have to move ahead and go where she will go. In other words, if you want a “holy church girl,” then you should go to church services. I’m not saying here that you’ll never find a good girl in a bar or nightclub, but statistically speaking, you’re likely to meet girls who like to party and have fun. Usually, seeking a stable relationship is still a long way off for them.

What type of school beauty do you want to marry as your wife?

Twelve: Self-improvement: Facing weaknesses

All men have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dating women. You may do great in one area, and you may be held back by a weakness. For example, your outfit is well put together and very stylish. But you can’t talk to women and don’t know how to ask for their phone numbers. So you need to work on self-improvement.

How to picking up a school beauty to be wife. Change your weaknesses.

Thirteen: Self-improvement: Facing physical defects

If you have physical defects, also say that these defects prevent them from dating and attracting women. For example, many men feel that because they are bald or overweight, they will not attract women. These men obsess so much about these “flaws” that they become intimidated when talking to women. There are times when you feel that certain physical characteristics are holding you back.
My advice is to take care of the ones you can and accept the ones you can’t control.

It is important to remember that regardless of your physical appearance, your success with women is not determined by your shape or flaws. If you can learn to attract women through other great qualities in you, then you will make up for those physical flaws that you think will hold you back.

Fourteen: Self-improvement: Facing failure

Laugh at failure, then learn from it. how to picking up a school beauty to be wife. Do not be afraid to fail, maybe fail ten times, but in the end success will always come.

Fifteen: Self-improvement: Social intercourse

Many men have the false belief that meeting women requires going to a specific place and hitting on strangers. The truth is that there is another way to meet women that don’t require frequenting a lively bar.
The solution is simple: improve your social life. By making new friends and strengthening ties, you’ll increase your chances of meeting the women you’re interested in. As you try to make friends with more people (especially women), your options for dating women will increase dramatically. In addition, the increase in the number of friends will provide more opportunities.

Sixteen: Self-improvement: Strength Training

Maybe by now, you know that looks don’t matter when it comes to attracting women! Even if you are bald or somewhat obese, you can still get girls. But there is an important point to keep in mind: although your appearance has shortcomings, you may still be able to attract women. But by improving these deficiencies, you can increase your chances. By working out at least three times a week, you’ll reap both physical and mental rewards that will help your pick-up game in every way. Why does strength training help with pickups? There’s a reason, of course.

Seventeen: Self-improvement: Manner

When it comes to dating, women always meet weak men who act needy and constantly look at them for approval. The result is that they are out. Women people don’t like this kind of man. They like men who are assertive and maybe challenge them in conversation.

Eighteen: Self-improvement: Other

There are so many other aspects, please see my blog post.

When you go to pick up a conversation in a fashionable outfit. Chat with her with a confident smile and body language. Beautiful and beautiful words flow from your mouth. Rich rhetoric sets you apart. A wingman is on hand to assist. Make her more and more interested in you. Have a great first impression. Is it still hard to get her phone number?

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