Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lori Harvey’s Dress Looks Modest From the Front, but My Oh My, Those Hip Cutouts – POPSUGAR

Lori Harvey was the hostess with the mostest style at the launch party for her new skin-care brand, SKN by LH, on Friday evening. The entrepreneurial model chose an appropriately spotlight-stealing outfit for the special occasion, wearing a white dress straight off Mônot’s spring 2022 runway. From the front, the design looked quite modest with its high neckline and floor-grazing hem, but when Lori turned to the side, we caught a generous peek at her obliques and legs, courtesy of some sizable hip cutouts and thigh slits on each side. The gown was held together with two large bows, making it the perfect mix of sweet and sexy.
With input from celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly, Lori accessorized her dress with neutral lace-up heels by Femme LA, a silver necklace, and simple stud earrings. If you’re ready to blush, take an all-angles look at Lori’s sultry dress ahead, and then get the full scoop on the similarly wow-worthy corset dress she wore earlier this week.
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