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Fashion To Figure Is Still in Business

Fashion To Figure Is Still in Business, But Its Future Is Uncertain

Fashion To Figure is a company that caters to plus-size women, focusing on the sale of clothing and accessories. In November 2017, its parent company filed for bankruptcy. This leaves many plus-size women wondering what happened to the company. Here are some things you should know about this company. You may be surprised to learn that it is still in business, but its future is uncertain.

Michael Kaplan’s company

The 121-year-old company founded by Michael Kaplan has been expanding its presence in the plus-size market with trend-driven options. Still, it may need to hone its offerings. Kaplan’s experience in venture capital has led him to open seven retail stores in New York City. He has also opened an online site that sells plus-size clothing.

Michael Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Fashion to Figure, a plus-size apparel company. The company focuses on price, fit, and quality. Its approach carries over the company’s great-grandmother’s concept, but it does have a few innovations of its own. The clothing line is available online and in 13 physical stores.

Michael Kaplan’s philosophy

Fashion To Figure is a specialty retail chain for plus-sized women that emphasizes quality, price, and fit. Founded by Michael Kaplan, the company has six locations in New York City. Kaplan’s philosophy is to take his great-grandmother’s original concept and modernize it for today’s consumer. In addition to bringing new styles to the plus-size market, the company also aims to make its clothing more affordable and easier to find.

Michael Kaplan’s philosophy of fashion to the figure began when his great-grandmother, Lena H. Bryant, a widowed Lithuanian immigrant living in Mount Vernon, New York, was inspired to create a company that would cater to the needs of full-figured women. Eventually, the company grew into a giant corporation with 600 locations. However, Kaplan felt cheated when the company was sold to a rival company in 1982.


Fashion to Figure is a plus-size clothing retailer that focuses on price, fit, and quality. The company was founded by Michael Kaplan, who took his great-grandmother’s concept and modernized it for today’s market. Although the company is a recent addition to the fashion world, Kaplan has been at the helm for eight years and has grown it into a leading plus-size fashion retailer.


The CEO of Fashion to Figure, Michael Kaplan, believes that quality, fit and price are more important than the brand’s name. In building the business, Kaplan has taken an idea from his great-grandmother and made it relevant to today’s world. He has created a retail chain that offers plus-size clothing and other merchandise at an affordable price.

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