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1970s Fashion For Women

1970s Fashion For Women

In the 1970s, fashion choices for women were diverse and varied. Some trends were around for years, and others lasted only a season or two. Colors ranged from bright and bold to earth tones, and women could wear designer labels. Women needed clothing for different activities and seasons. They also had to find pieces that fit their body type.

Hippie style

Women who wish to channel the hippie trend can wear loose, flowing clothes that are easy to wear with heels. A crop top that exposes your midriff can help balance out proportions. Wide hems and heels can make your legs appear longer. Another hippie trend is dyeing your own clothes. This became a fashion statement and is now considered a staple of the ’70s fashion world.

The 70s fashion was also marked by an emphasis on hand-made materials and decorations. The hippies of the sixties celebrated the handmade and rejected mainstream fashion. Designers of the seventies adopted these ideas and included them in high-end fashion. For example, the silk evening dress designed by Zandra Rhodes was a prime example of how hippie style made its way into high fashion.

Midi skirts

Whether you’re a retro-fashion devotee or you’re a newbie, midi skirts are an easy way to inject some retro flair into your wardrobe. A midi skirt is a versatile garment that accentuates your figure while still keeping your look classic. This type of skirt was once a popular choice for women who wanted to feel feminine and sexy without a lot of fuss.

The midi skirt was a popular trend in the 70s, so if you’re feeling nostalgic for the 70s fashion era, you can still wear a midi skirt and pair it with a crop top or a blouse. This skirt highlights your waist and natural curves, and can be finished off with a belt and killer heels.


Bell-bottom jeans and trousers were a major fashion trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They were characterized by wide leg openings below the knee, and they were a hugely popular choice for hippie women. These jeans were often made of denim, but they were also available in vibrant cotton, corduroy, and satin polyester. Bell-bottom jeans required platform shoes to be worn with them.

When worn with a cropped blouse, bell-bottom pants add a feminine vibe to the look. A blouse with a flared pair of pants creates a casual-chic look that can be dressed up or down with heels and a jacket. The blouse can also be tucked in for a cleaner look.


Fashion in the 1970s was all about letting go and wearing whatever you wanted. The movement to make clothing more affordable and more accessible to everyone made it easier for women to choose what to wear. During this time, many women stopped wearing dresses and opted for jumpsuits instead. Although jumpsuits were originally designed to look masculine, they evolved into more feminine styles in the years that followed.

Jumpsuits have a long history in the fashion world. During the ’60s, women wore them when hosting guests. They were much more comfortable than dresses, and they became an important fashion item in the 1970s. Jumpsuits from the era were generally flared in the legs and featured bell sleeves. However, there were also some sleeveless versions.

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